Skateboarders get new facility in Peachtree City

Girl with skateboard. Shutterstock.

Skateboarders in Peachtree City have longed for a new facility. That dream was realized Nov. 2 when the City Council approved a low-bid offer to construct a new facility at the Glenloch Recreation Complex.

For several years an interested group of citizens have been working with city staff to build a skatepark facility. The current facility is 3,510 sq. ft. and consists of an asphalt base, a few purchased and donated ramps and has no flow for skaters, Recreation and Special Events Director Quinn Bledsoe in an Oct. 26 letter.

Bledsoe said the asphalt base is problematic during the warm months as it softens and skateboard wheels will not roll and the ramps sink into the asphalt. Consideration was given to upgrading and adding onto the existing park, but due to its location on a hillside and the asphalt surface it was ultimately decided to build a new facility at the Glenloch Recreation Complex, said Bledsoe.

Council agreed and voted to award the $115,000 design-build contract to low-bidder 5th Pocket Skateparks LLC. Other bids ranged from $144,905 to $162,800.

“We are thrilled to see this project come to fruition after so many years. We’d like to thank Quinn Bledsoe from the Rec. Department, the city and the advisory committee for its work and patience, and we are very excited to see a ‘Peachtree City-worthy’ facility finally being built for skaters in our community,” said Peachtree City Sk8s President Pat Phillips.

Phillips said a citizen advisory committee worked through the summer to provide information to city staff. He said the new 4,050 sq. ft. skatepark will come with features skaters will enjoy.

“I grew up in Peachtree City and was involved in the group effort to get the first park built here back in the early ‘90s,” said advisory committee member Jesse Gorman. “When I caught wind of the efforts of this group and PTC Sk8s to promote skateboarding locally and revive efforts to get an improved park, I jumped at the chance to be part of the process again. We’re all thrilled that Peachtree City is finally getting the park it deserves, with a sustainable, first-class design that accommodates all ages and skateboarding skill levels.”