Controversial car wash finally gets Fayetteville OK

Fayetteville Councilman Jim Williams. File photo.

Tax break for senior apartments’ developer put off to another meeting

After a long battle, including a trip to the Ga. Supreme Court, the city of Fayetteville signed off on a site plan for a car wash at the site of the Old Shoney’s restaurant on Ga. Highway 85.

The battle has been raging for more than three years, or as developer Scott Blackstock said, “as long as World War II.”

Above, Fayetteville City Councilman Jim Williams. File photo.

In 2014, the Fayetteville City Council approved the proposed Tidal Wave car wash on Ga. Highway 85 at Ga. Highway 314 on a 4-1 vote. A subsequent veto by Mayor Greg Clifton was overturned by the council on June 5, also on a 4-1 vote.

The council first approved the Tidal Wave automated car wash rezoning from C-2 (community commercial) to C-3 (highway commercial). A special exception allowing a car wash on the property also passed on a 4-1 vote. Councilman Ed Johnson in both cases voted in opposition. The votes did not include closing the curb cut on Hwy. 85 agreed to by applicant Scott Blackstock.

Johnson said Thursday he still opposed the car wash, but it had been through litigation, including a trip to the Georgia Supreme Court, where the justices unanimously signed off on an opinion that the developer had a right to develop the property.

Thursday’s meeting was to approve the site plan for the issue. Councilman Jim Williams distilled the controversy down to questions he asked Planning Director Jahnee Prince. When Prince affirmed the Planning Commission and staff had recommended the site plan move forward, Williams was satisfied and motioned for an approval. The motion passed the City Council unanimously.

In other action, the City Council tabled a proposal from HearthSide Lafayette to designate the proposed area as part of the Tax Allocation District and receive a possible tax break. City officials said a meeting may be held this week to address the issue.