Nurses, teachers need ‘progressive’ training on gender


I am responding to the resident dealing with the subject matter on sexuality and gender counseling.

First, thank you, sir for not being my children’s teacher. I would only hope to have broader minded instructors within our school system.

As a parent, we send our children to school for an education. Any issue that can potentially affect our children or their learning process should be under consideration.

A licensed individual such as a physician, nurse, electrician, stylist, etc., are in a training process to keep up with the newest technology. Teachers as well need training for current issues and events. They are our children’s educators and care takers for many hours a day, through puberty and on.

They should be informed on progressive issues, compassion and understanding. They need to be provided with the knowledge to encourage their students and ensure stability instead of having them feeling shame, fear or criticism.

If we teach our children diversity from day one, we should not feel challenged as parents by this training but grateful that we are finally coming of an age to have it here in Fayette County.

Lorraine Stasko
Peachtree City, Ga.