Tutoring our kids to define crazy as normal


Full disclosure, I am a pretty conservative guy. I watch Ben Shapiro podcasts and Tucker Carlson and am repeatedly amazed at the rampant stupidity led by leftists in our nation in the name of diversity and fairness.

When I view the rank ignorance of many college students, I calm myself in the knowledge that we at least live in Georgia where stupid is still stupid.

But then I open our local paper and read how our kids’ school nurses and teachers are being tutored on how to define crazy as normal. I’m taken aback by the LBGTQ definitions for children who hear these confusing words tossed about in the school yard (or more likely, “the slime oozing out from your TV set.”)

Let’s see, “Bisexual: People can love other people of both genders” (note: both genders, not all genders). A child raised in a church-going family might hear this and think, “Jesus loved all men and women, so Jesus was bisexual?” “I’m told to love all people, am I supposed to be bisexual?”

“Lesbian: Two people of the same gender who love each other — two women.” Little Suzie asks her teacher why some rude boy called her a lesbian, and this response says what to this child’s mind? Suzie does not particularly like boys anyway; they are dirty and smell funny but she loves her girlfriends, so should we be surprised when this provided definition processed by this little girl produces the conclusion that, yes, “I, Suzie, am a lesbian!”

Once again, the leftist agenda is changing the meaning of words. The word is not “Bi-loving,” it’s Bisexual. Of course, the educated response will be that we don’t want to discuss sex with these kids so we use the word love. Ding, ding, ding … teachers, nurses, or any other state employee should not even be having this conversation with children.

I expect our teachers to teach our kids to read and write, not define adult (worse, stupid adult) concepts related to sexuality to our children. The proper response to Suzie’s question is, “Suzie, I am certain that Johnny has no idea what that means but, if you want to know, I urge to to talk with your mother about it”.

Have a talk with Johnny about using inappropriate words, send home a note to Suzie’s mother and to Johnny’s mother describing the situation and step away.

Does it seem strange to anyone else that this gender gibberish is such a pile of mish-mosh blather that the state needs to send definition sheets to learned educators, many who have managed to survive on this planet for decades without such important and life-affirming information? Does it bother anyone else that this is what passes for education in 2017?

I will close with a simple concept that I previously shared in this paper. A boy cannot feel like a girl and a girl cannot feel like a boy. This is projection, pure and simple. If you are not a girl, you cannot know what it feels like to be a girl and vice versa.

You can say that you do, but since you are really only the gender that your chromosomes say that you are, you can only guess at what you think the opposite sex feels. It’s an incredible bit of narcissistic hubris and boils nature and the whole world down to what you say it is. Get over yourself.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.