Need answers about Lake Peachtree’s Snake Island


Having just read the letter from the Best family regarding the trashing of Line Creek Trail, I realized it is time to bring to the attention of the residents of Peachtree City the plan to turn Snake Island into a passive picnic park.

This island is located in Lake Peachtree. It has been a wildlife refuge and relatively undisturbed until now. The proposal includes a bridge from the golf cart path at Lake Forrest Cove over to the island for access. This bridge is to be wide enough to accommodate an emergency vehicle.

Those of us living along the lake in this area are very aware of the activity and mischief that happens on a daily basis. The new dock at the Battery Way Park has already been spray-painted, thus requiring repairs. Residents are constantly cleaning up trash of all kinds, not to mention the vandalism.

At Christmas lights are pulled down and cut to pieces, furniture is turned over and items are stolen. While the lake was dry last year, teenagers were visiting the island (and still are), leaving all sorts of trash behind.

Representatives of the Lake Forrest Cove subdivision attended a City Council meeting in May to express their concern about the plan for this park.

There is no public parking close to the island so where will visitors park? Are the police going to have a 24-hour presence on the island to prevent vandalism, drinking, drug use and other problems? How will the island be cleared for a picnic area? If trees are to be cut down, how will they be removed? Finally, why was this plan not listed with the SPLOST projects in the newspaper?

No one has responded to our questions presented at the City Council meeting. At a cost of approximately $200,000, I feel we have a right to know why and how this ridiculous plan was conceived and so quietly moved forward.

Carolyn Browning
Peachtree City, Ga.