Good showing at state track meet


Local teams posted standout results across all classifications last weekend at the GHSA state track and field championships.

In AAAAA Fayette County’s girls came in second, with Starr’s Mill finishing seventh and McIntosh tenth. The Starr’s Mill boys came in second overall while Fayette County was sixth and Whitewater was seventh.

The Sandy Creek boys placed second in AAAA. Landmark got second place from its boys and fourth place from the girls in the A Private classification.

East Coweta’s boys came in tenth in AAAAAAA.

Here are the local athletes who won individual state championships:

Nicole Fegans, Landmark, 1600 meters.
Brandon Stone, Landmark, 300-meter hurdles.
Landmark, 4×400-meter relay (Donovan Pickett, Kermit Jackson, Brandon Stone, Nicolat Toomer, Chandler Geerlings, Bernard Turner).
Nicolas Toomer, Landmark, triple jump.
Michael Jones, Sandy Creek, 110-meter hurdles.
Caleb Slaughter, Sandy Creek, high jump.
Sidney Sims, Fayette County, triple jump.
Nick Nyman, Starr’s Mill, 3200 meters.
Fayette County, 4×400-meter relay (Jalen Ridges, Josh Dupree, Trey Johnson, Seth Holloway, James Hawkins, Kamrone Stevenson).
Caelan Filmore, Fayette County, long jump.
Madias Loper, Whitewater, shot put.
Kyle Harkabus, East Coweta, 1600 meters.

Here are the top-eight finishers from local schools:

1A Private girls
Erthaly Thomas, OLM, seventh in 400
Lindsey Biggar, Landmark, fourth in 800
Sarah Foreman, Landmark, fifth in 800
Landmark fourth in 4×400 (Mary Kellison Thorne, Sarah Foreman, Lindsey Biggar, Nicole Fegans, Erin Fegans, Madison Schmidlkofer)
Erin Fegans, Landmark, third in 3200
Mary Kellison Thorne, Landmark, fifth in pole vault
Elizabeth Gibbs, Landmark, fourth in shot put
Elizabeth Gibbs, Landmark, second in discus

1A Private boys
Nicolas Toomer, Landmark, second in 400
Donovan Pickett, Landmark, fifth in 400
Kermit Jackson, Landmark, third in 800
Brandon Stone, Landmark, fourth in 110H
Victor Cross, OLM, fifth in 110H
Victor Cross, OLM, second in 300H
OLM fourth in 4×100 (Victor Cross, Caleb Pressley, Trey Robinson, Taj Dodson, Isaih Harvey)
OLM seventh in 4×400 (Jamil Sawyerr, Nyles Lever-Roaf, John Mbadugha, Patrick Dillon, Victor Cross, Trey Robinson)
Kermit Jackson, Landmark, fourth in 1600
Taj Dodson, OLM, sixth in high jump
Nicolas Toomer, Landmark, seventh in long jump
Trey Robinson, OLM, eighth in long jump

4A girls
Kennedy Davis, Sandy Creek, fifth in 100H
Kennedy Davis, Sandy Creek, third in 300H

4A boys
AJ Hale, Sandy Creek, fifth in 400
Noah Williams, Sandy Creek, fourth in 800
Michael Jones, Sandy Creek, second in 300H
AJ Hale, Sandy Creek, third in 300H
Sandy Creek second in 4×400 (Jamal Lewis, AJ Hale, Amin Shaheed, Noah Williams, Marvin Hubbard, Javan Hawes)

5A girls
Tenae Grigsby, Starr’s Mill, third in 400
Sylvia Freeman, Fayette County, fifth in 400
Kayla Rose, McIntosh, second in 800
Amaya Anderson, Fayette County, fourth in 800
Megan Uszynski, McIntosh, fifth in 1600
Megan Uszynski, McIntosh, second in 3200
Mary Valli, Starr’s Mill, fifth in 3200
Megan Dobso, Starr’s Mill, eighth in 3200
Nailah Underwood, Starr’s Mill, sixth in 300H
Fayette County third in 4×400 (Sidney Sims, Amaya Anderson, Kayla Montgomery, Sylvia Freeman, Jordan Starks, Mara Ivey)
Starr’s Mill eighth in 4×400 (Tara Davis, Tenae Grigsby, Bree St. Julian, Elan St. Julian, Nailah Underwood, Sarah Goins)
Darryl Langford, Fayette County, second in high jump
Madeline Hammond, Starr’s Milll, fourth in high jump
Julia Colson, Starr’s Mill, third in pole vault
Tonya Williams, Fayette County, fifth in pole vault
Na’ilah Moore, Fayette County, eighth in long jump
Na’ilah Moore, Fayette County, second in triple jump
Morgan Johnson, Whitewater, second in shot put
Rikkelle Miller, Fayette County, eighth in shot put
Rikkelle Miller, Fayette County, second in discus
Martina Takang, Whitewater, fifth in discus
Addie Fraker, McIntosh, eighth in discus

5A boys
Trey Johnson, Fayette County, second in 400
Harrison Fultz, Starr’s Mill, fourth in 800
Trey Johnson, Fayette County, seventh in 800
Nick Nyman, Starr’s Mill, second in 1600
Harrison Fultz, Starr’s Mill, third in 1600
Harry Harp, Whitewater, fourth in 1600
Harry Harp, Whitewater, second in 3200
Zach Jaeger, McIntosh, fifth in 3200
Fayette County sixth in 4×100 (Caelan Filmore, Jalen Ridges, Trey Johnson, Seth Holloway, James Hawkins, Trent Carrington)
Caleb Podolski, McIntosh, second in high jump
Ben Runyan, Starr’s Mill, fourth in pole vault
Eric Donevant, Starr’s Mill, fourth in shot put
Madias Lopez, Whitewater, second in discus
Eric Donevant, Starr’s Mill, seventh in discus

6A boys
Hayden Hasberger, Northgate, fifth in 3200

7A boys
East Coweta seventh in 4×100 (Dalton Crosby, Dantarious Chun, Gerald Green, Reggie Jones)
Jovan Rembert, East Coweta, second in long jump
Ethan Brown, East Coweta, sixth in discus