Fayette adopts new rules for rural bed and breakfasts


A new use in the A-R (agricultural-residential) zoning district for bed and breakfast businesses on minimum 10-acre lots was adopted on March 23 by the Fayette County Commission.

County Planning and Zoning Director Pete Frisina in explaining the ordinance said the bed and breakfast businesses would require a minimum 10-acre lot, a maximum of five guest rooms and a maximum of 10 guests and would be a conditional use of the A-R district.

Those businesses would also have to be cleared by the fire and health departments and, in terms of dining, would not be allowed to serve other than guests, Frisina said.

The only person from the public speaking in favor of the ordinance was Ingrid Barnes, who said a bed and breakfast would provide a tourism alternative to hotels while maintaining the look and feel of the county.

While none from the public opposed, Tyrone resident and state Rep. Derrick Jackson asked how such an operation would differentiate between a business and a residence, especially as it pertains to state law.

County Administrator Steve Rapson said that area had been researched, adding that applicable state law requirements were covered in the ordinance.

The vote by the commission, along with the provision that approval would be only for the owner/operator, was 4-0, with Commissioner Steve Brown absent.