I’m most grateful


I am most grateful for a number of things – my children and grandchildren, of course, my 51 years in Fayetteville, the brains God gave me to have participated in county events during all that time, and certainly, my pretty good health.

Not only am I fortunate to come from good stock that has not had any serious genetic issues to pass on, well maybe except for glaucoma.

In the mid 1970’s a couple dozen of us volunteered to be EMT’s for the county. I had to work during the day to feed my children, so I took my turn at night. At that time we did not need a hospital as the rule was one just had to be within 15 minutes and depending on where you were in the county, you could get to Newnan, Griffin, Riverdale or South Fulton in the allotted time.

In the intervening years, however, I have slightly aged and now I want a hospital smack in the center of Fayette County.

Two years ago a good friend walked into my house one Friday afternoon, cell phone held up so I could see it, and announced that there was something wrong with me and to let her call the EMTs. Now I admit I had been beginning to breath hard and have a constriction occur in my chest, which I had decided was old age.

I gave in however and was soon carried in an ambulance four or five miles due west.

After a four day stay at Piedmont Fayette, it was found that I was down three pints of blood, and I think I only have five in me. For the medically curious, it takes nine hours to put three pints of blood in you.

The exact reasons for this loss was not explained to me nor what I should do about it.

Consequently a year went by and in November the same thing occurred again. Thank heavens I was told this time to see a gastric specialist and he explained the problem.

This guy is terrific but I could hardly believe his explanation which I am repeating in my non-technical terms. It seems my system produces tiny bits of sand – which in turn sops up the blood my system manufactures constantly. I guess it takes my system a year of sopping it up before there’s only two pints of blood coursing through my veins. Who knew?

My mind was racing at first – would they have to cut into my tummy? Nope, I just had to take a months worth of horrible, awful tasting pills and they cleared up the immediate problem.

Then a week ago, I was put to sleep, something or other shoved down my throat to accomplish this. Yes, my throat was sore for a couple of days, but otherwise I have no complaints.

Next week I go back and find what I might have to take from now on to control the manufacture of this sand-type stuff.

I only have one prescribed pill I have to take, plus whatever may come up next week. That’s not bad. I don’t have problems or pains anywhere and having to walk with a walker is my only complaint. Indeed, I am most grateful to have only one thing tocomplain about.