Peachtree City Council discuss upcoming seat changes

Mayor Vanessa Fleisch.

The Peachtree City Council meeting on Jan. 19 will come with a limited agenda. Among the few items will be the qualifying dates for mayor and two council seats. The council is expected to adopt a resolution calling for the qualifying period for the mayor and posts 3 and 4 council seats to be scheduled for Aug. 21 through Aug. 25, followed by the municipal election on Nov. 7.

The seats held by Mayor Vanessa Fleisch, Councilwoman Kim Learnard and Councilman Terry Ernst will be up for election.

The only action item on the agenda deals with consideration of an organic material grinding contract.

Staff is recommending a contract with AKA Tree Removal with an annual cost not to exceed $40,000. That amount is budgeted in the Public Works Contractual Services portion of the budget.

City staff during the council/staff topics portion of the meeting will preview an amendment to the Land Development Ordinance related to clearing in city greenbelt areas.

At the earlier meeting this month, the council approved nearly $1 million in repairs.

Items pertaining to city facility roof projects, stormwater pipe rehabilitation, a resolution for financing for capital equipment and a revision of the employee holiday policy receiving unanimous support from the Peachtree City Council on Jan. 5.

The council approved bids from two companies for the replacement of five roofs. The low bids, received from six companies, total $457,530. The replacement roofs are located at Fire Station 81, 83 and 84, the tennis center and police station.

The council approved a $283,492.50 low bid for stormwater pipe rehabilitation. Because the bid was lower than the total project cost estimated by staff, the council was asked to approve the inclusion of $150,000 for additional pipe lining. Totaling $433,492.50, the cost would be funded from the Stormwater Project account.

The council also adopted a resolution to authorize the execution of all documents associated with the master lease agreement for financing capital equipment purchases with the Bank of America Public Capital Corporation. The move came after council members in December accepted Bank of America’s proposal to provide financing for equipment identified in the city’s 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan. City staff are not suggesting loans at this time.

Finally at the meeting, the council made a revision to the holiday policy. When calendar holidays fall on the weekend and the city observes a different day for the holiday, public safety employees who work the actual calendar holiday would be paid the additional holiday pay.