Outdoor burning ban ends Saturday


Residents will again be allowed to burn leaves and yard debris starting Saturday, Oct. 1, when the state burning ban ends.

Peachtree City officials are reminding residents that a burn permit must still be obtained to do so, either at www.peachtree-city.org/burn or at Neely Fire Station, 105 N. Peachtree Parkway.

The decision as to whether burning is allowed is made by the Fire Marshal’s Office and is posted at the city’s website by 8 a.m. each day.  Permits are valid only for the day they are issued. Permits are not issued for multiple days, nor can they be issued in advance.

Residents can expect fewer burn days this year due to the extreme drought conditions. Weather factors, such as wind, humidity, and temperature, all play a role in determining whether or not it is safe to burn. Even though it may be a very nice day outside, low humidity, high temperatures and even the slightest wind can cause a fire to get out of control very quickly.

The Peachtree City Fire Marshal’s Office is asking residents who burn to use extra caution while burning this year; if possible, burn barrels are the best option. Keep fires as far as possible from greenbelt or wooded areas. Dry ground cover can ignite easily and spread rapidly.

Never leave a fire, no matter how small, unattended. Always have a method of extinguishment, preferably a charged garden hose, nearby and ready to use. It is a good idea to soak the area around your fire so it does not spread.

Accelerants, such as gasoline, kerosene or lighter fluid may not be used to start a fire. Only leaves and yard debris may be burned. Trash, construction debris and such may not be burned.

All fires must be out by sunset. Do not leave burning embers. The fire should be soaked, turned with a rake or shovel, and cool to the touch before leaving it.