Library patrons can borrow books from UGA


Library patrons over the age of 18 who are interested in having borrowing privileges from the UGA Libraries, but who are not affiliated with the University may still borrow material by obtaining an Outside Borrower’s card.

To get a card, the patron can request an application from the Fayette County Public Library, complete the short application, obtain approval signature and pay a $10 fee. This application can be mailed or submitted in person to the UGA main library.

The patron can pick up his or her card at the Circulation Desk at the Main Library. Please allow approximately one week for this process.

An Outside Borrower’s card is issued initially for three months and may be renewed as long as no outstanding obligations exist. Requests for renewal of this card may be made through the mail, e-mail, by telephone, or in person during most hours the libraries are open.

A new application form does not need to be completed, nor does the application fee need to be paid again unless the borrower’s card has lapsed for three months or longer and the card is no longer valid.

Outside Borrowers are not eligible for interlibrary loan, recalling charged items, and borrowing from Reserves, Reference, or other restricted library collections.

The Fayette County Public Library is one of nine branches in the Flint River Library System.