Coweta road construction continues


Work continues on the area of U.S. Highway 29 and Ga. Highway 16 and on the new Newnan Crossing Bypass that will link the bypass to Hwy. 16. Work on all projects is expected to be complete before year’s end.

The construction of the intersection of highways 29 and 16 and along Hwy. 29 to I-85 are doubtless causing traffic back-ups. But once all the work is done before year’s end the traffic flow will be greatly improved.

Also in the works is the extension of the Newnan Crossing Bypass that currently ends at Turkey Creek Road. County crews have been working for months to extend the bypass south to the new intersection with Hwy. 16.

The bypass project will have the roadway extended from Turkey Creek Road to the north for a distance of approximately 1.7 miles down to Hwy.16 where it will intersect just west of East Gordon Road. The entire span of the roadway will include four lanes and a median.

The intersection with Hwy. 16 will involve widening the roadway to four lanes beginning just west of the 1-85 overpass and extending it approximately one-half mile to Hwy. 29. That section of roadway will also be widened to accommodate four lanes and a median. Until warranted by the Ga. Dept. of Transportation, the intersection of the bypass and Hwy. 16 will utilize a stop sign.

The project will see a major reconfiguration of the intersection of Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 29. A traffic light will be installed at the intersection along with left-turn and right-turn lanes. The bypass will extend straight across Hwy. 29 and will take a 90-degree right turn behind existing businesses. The new road will extend a short distance and will be connection to the existing Pine Road. The current intersection of Pine Road and Hwy. 29 will be removed.

The section on Hwy. 29 between Hwy. 16 and and the traffic signal on the north side of I-85 will undergo a similar transformation and will feature four lanes divided by a median.