Fayette author releases novel


Scott Black of Fayette County published his debut novel LOCKDOWN, a fictionalized account of the shocking events that occurred on the USS Miller (FF-1091) in 1985.

Scott served in the US Navy from 1982-1989 with three years aboard the USS Miller. In 1985 a crew member was brutally attacked on the ship which caused a lockdown for three days. During those three long days, the crew wondered which of their shipmates had committed the crime. On the third day it was a great shock to find out that Scott’s bunkmate was the culprit.

Those memories stuck with Scott over the years.  He finally put to pen to paper fictionalizing the events of June 1985.

Visit www.scottblackauthor.com for more information on LOCKDOWN and the author.

LOCKDOWN is available at www.amazon.com.