The gun show lie


I attended a Florida gun and knife show for the first time in a long time and won a Remington rifle (not an assault rifle, AK47, automatic or handgun, which are the media’s buzzwords for anything that fires any projectile including BBs).

It was the result of a raffle, 10 tickets for $20. ESP: I knew I would win. You frequently hear from the shrieking Left that we need to “close the gun show loophole,” because most Democrats imply that you can go to a gun show, put down your money and walk out with a gun without a background check.

This is the same BS as you can “keep the doctor you want” and “your health insurance will go down an average of $2,500.” Period!

The gun show BS is another lie from the White House and their media minions.

Here is the reality: I was called to pick up my winning rifle.

I had to fill out five pages of very detailed personal information with written statements and true and false questions, like, do you take drugs? Have you been arrested and convicted of a felony? Any domestic violence? Are you a citizen?

I filled it out and the gun show security person called it in to wherever the government keeps track of you. It came back denied, because “I was a resident alien” and not entitled to own a gun.

The gun show operator, after questioning me, refused to accept the government’s stupid answer. Not only was I born in New York, I have an original copy of my birth certificate, unlike some high elected officials who are required by a constitutional mandate that they be born in America or its territories.

I was born in New York. Lived in NYC. I also lived in New Jersey and Massachusetts as well purchasing and owning guns there. Had a firearms permit in the commonwealth and a New Jersey firearms permit, which permitted me to purchase a handgun one time each month forever as well as long guns, any time in any quantity.

And I have a Georgia Weapons Carry License which allows me to conceal a handgun on my person. The license has reciprocal agreements among most states except California and the Northeast (however it is reciprocal in Vermont).

If I am driving through any Northeast states, I must call the state police to inform them that I coming through. In order to get my Georgia license I had an extensive background check, including interview and fingerprinting.

After graduating college In 1965, as a result of campus recruiters I applied to the FBI and CIA and I took the Civil Service exams for the NYC Police Department and Corrections Department. Scored 106 without any affirmative action, veterans or any other preference points on a list of 10,000 test takers. Civil Service retirees (many live in PTC) know the drill back then. They even interviewed my barber. I liked the Elvis cut the best. A sign of juvenile delinquency back then.

However, I did not accept any government offers and decided to seek another career path. So the gun show guy’s next call was to the FBI’s 24/7 background check agency. I was approved faster than the gun show management could finish spelling and pronouncing my last name (which many people have trouble with).

However, to be on the safe side in case I do something not PC or deemed offensive, I had to wait five days before I could pick up my rifle at a gun dealer in Florida.

So the next time you hear the anti-gun libs screaming, “close the gun show loophole,” hopefully, I have given you some “ammo to fire back.”

And pray that if they ever come up against a bad guy with a gun that there will be a good guy with a gun close by.

You might also ask how they are managing with their individual private health-care insurance premiums? My wife’s went from $4,000 up to $7,000.

Peachtree City resident