Fayette County OKs $200K for new landfill


Health fees get enforcement teeth

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners has approved the allocation of more than $200,000 toward the construction of a new inert landfill.

The county has historically operated an inert landfill on the south side of 1st Manassas, under the permit-by-rule (PBR) provisions of the Georgia rules, since 1990. During that time, due to changes made by Georgia Environmental Protection Division, inert landfills are no longer allowed to operate under a permit by rule, according to a county staff report.

Fayette County closed its inert landfill Oct. 1 and has received EPD approval to construct a new inert landfill under new solid waste permitting requirements and with a 59-year life expectancy. The approved inert landfill design and operations plan, the estimated cost to construct and open the landfill is $217,937, which includes the costs for surveying, grinding the cleared vegetation, installing erosion and sediment control measures, providing stormwater infrastructure, fencing, and building a security gate.

Staff is preparing a fee structure for municipalities and will bring a proposal back for the Board of Commissioners consideration and approval prior to the completion of the project in the spring.

Also approved was Environmental Health’s recommendation to amend the county ordinances with regard to payment of fees. The Fayette County Board of Health has adopted a schedule of fees for its services, inspections and permits, but because of lack of payment by some citizens, the Board of Health adopted a resolution requesting that the commissioners adopt an ordinance providing for the enforcement of the Board of Health’s schedule of fees.

The new ordinance deems non-payment of fees as a violation that can be prosecuted in the same manner as all other Board of Health regulations. Those convicted may be punishable according to the provisions of the appropriate section of the regulations and the Director of Environmental Services may, after giving a 14-day written notice, revoke any permit issued pursuant to Board of Health regulations.

The resolution was approved unanimously.

The board also approved proposed revisions to the county’s grant management policy. The revisions directed by the board in August include authorization to the chairman and vice chairman to sign grant applications that do not exceed $100,000.

The consent agenda approved at the meeting included a three-year contract with Georgia Administrative Services to serve as third-party workers compensation administrator for the county; the addition of River Park Phase 1B subdivision to Fayette County’s Street Light Program; the disposition of $1,593.53 in tax refunds as recommended by the Tax Assessor’s Office; and the appointment of Charles McCollum to the Fayette County Recreation Commission for a term expiring Sept. 1, 2019.

There were no public hearings at the meeting.