Newnan announces change in tax collection


Beginning this year, 2015, the City of Newnan’s property taxes will be billed and collected by the Coweta County Tax Commissioner. In the past, residents of the City of Newnan received two property tax bills – one for County taxes and one for City taxes – payable to the respective parties on differing due dates.  
This year, residents of City of Newnan will receive only one tax bill from the Coweta County Tax Commissioner, representing all property taxes owed for both City and County taxes. The property taxes will be due Dec. 1 and paid to the Tax Commissioner, not the City of Newnan. No property tax bills will be generated by the City of Newnan this year.
Please note, however, that the City of Newnan will continue to collect on its delinquent property tax accounts until they are paid in full. If you owe City property taxes for any year(s) 2014 or prior, those taxes must be paid directly to the City of Newnan. Therefore, you may still receive delinquent tax notices from the City of Newnan until those accounts are paid in full.
Questions concerning the City’s property taxes may be directed to the City’s Finance Department at 770-254-1351. Information concerning the City’s property taxes, including delinquent taxes, may be found under the Finance Department page at www.cityofnewnan.