Deputy intervenes to prevent carjacking attempt


What began as a shoplifting attempt at the Walmart in Fayetteville in the early afternoon hours of May 9 ended a short distance way after two of the three people involved were unsuccessful in an attempt to carjack a woman in a nearby parking lot and were taken into custody.

Matthew Joseph Phillips, 30, of Jackson, was charged with armed robbery, carjacking, battery and misdemeanor theft by deception, according to Fayetteville Detective Mike Whitlow.

Stefanie Lee Resnick, 39, of McDonough, was charged with party to a crime of armed robbery, party to a crime of carjacking, party to a crime of battery and party to a crime of theft by deception, Whitlow said.

Christopher Stockstill, 42, of Griffin, was charged with party to a crime of theft by deception, possession of narcotics and multiple traffic violations, Whitlow said.

Whitlow said the chain of incidents began at approximately 12:30 p.m. when the trio entered Walmart carrying receipts from a previous purchase. They took merchandise off the shelves and attempted to obtain a refund, said Whitlow.

Whitlow said Walmart staff declined the refund and the three left the store.

They entered a vehicle driven by Stockstill and left the Fayette Pavilion area only to wreck and roll the vehicle over at Ga. Highway 314 and White Oak Way, said Whitlow. Resnick was ejected from the vehicle as it rolled over, Whitlow added.

Phillips and Resnick fled the scene on foot and made their way to to the retail area along Ga. Highway 85 and North 85 Parkway just north of the pavilion, said Whitlow., adding that Stockstill stayed with the vehicle and was taken into custody at the scene. Offiicers found a small amount of suspected narcotics in the vehicle, said Whitlow.

Whitlow said Phillips and Resnick at approximately 2 p.m. approached a female in the parking lot where Phillips attempted to take the woman’s car keys. Phillips put his hand under his shirt, as if he had a weapon, and told the woman to give him her keys or he would kill her, said Whitlow.

The incident was spotted by a nearby Fayette County Sheriff’s deputy who was in the area looking for the runners. As the deputy approached, Phillips and Resnick ran and jumped down a 10-15-foot embankment. The deputy followed and took the two into custody as other Fayetteville officers and sheriff’s deputies converged at the scene, Whitlow said.

Phillips was found to be in possession of a knife with a blade of approximately 5 inches, said Whitlow.

Resnick and Phillips were taken to Grady Hospital for treatment and will be transported to the Fayette County Jail once released. 

Whitlow said Phillips and Resnick are wanted for shoplifting in multiple jurisdictions.

All three people have additional charges pending, Whitlow said.