Youth Council donates to Boys & Girls Club


The Newnan Youth Council recently presented a $500 check to the Newnan Coweta Boys and Girls Club for the Loula J. Davenport Scholarship Fund.

 A portion of the money is raised each year at both spring and fall fundraising events with all proceeds going directly to the fund. In addition, money from a hot chocolate stand at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade in January goes to the scholarship.

The scholarship is meaningful to both organizations because Davenport served as chair of the Boys and Girls Club Board and a member of the Youth Activities Commission, the oversight group for the Newnan Youth Council. The scholarship was started by Councilman Bob Coggin in her honor prior to her death from cancer. 

The Newnan Youth Council has 50 members with a mission to learn more about local governance, leadership, and serve as ambassadors for the City of Newnan.

The group is the official youth voice of the city.

Shown above are David Farmer of the Boys and Girls Club Newnan, and Newnan Youth Council members Hannah Bennett – NYC Chair‎, Isa Gutierrez, and Ellie Waters, and Youth Activities Commission Member Dr. Charles Cheney.