Two employees are arrested in Walmart electronics theft case


Two Walmart employees working at the Peachtree City store were arrested April 23 for stealing electronics from the stockroom and off delivery trucks. The April 23 theft was the fourteenth occasion where the two are believed to have stolen merchandise.

Kendrick Bethea, 20, of College Park, and Ryan Young, 26, of Palmetto, were each charged with three counts of felony theft by taking, according to Peachtree City Police Detective Tim Pierson. Additional charges are expected to be forthcoming, Pierson added.

Pierson said he received information Thursday from Walmart loss prevention staff that electronic merchandise such as video consoles and laptop computers had been stolen.

Pierson said the merchandise was being taken directly off the delivery trucks or from the stockroom prior to being placed on store shelves.

One of the pair would take the merchandise and push it through a fence where it would fall onto the sidewalk while the other would exit the store and drive his vehicle to the area and put the stash in the vehicle. then both would return to work, said Pierson.

The activity was spotted by loss prevention staff while reviewing the store’s video.

Pierson said that prior to the April 23 incident, the two are believed to have used a similar method to steal merchandise on 13 other occasions.