No auto-open door at doctor’s office? Really?


The ophthalmology firm that I have gone to for years here in Fayette County recently  had an office building constructed just for them on Brandywine Boulevard in Fayetteville.

I recently complained to them that this brand new building did not have an automatic door opening — that four-inch silver button I could push with my cane to open.

Its operation manager was kind to call me and tell me the city of Fayetteville did not have a ordinance  requiring one. Really?

A city that allows an ungodly orange awning on a store front in its downtown section, allows a hair weave business to take a sheet with black lettering on it to hang on the outside of the store for months, causing a very unsightly scene — evidently there is an ordinance allowing that.

But when it comes to the safety of its seniors, [Fayetteville] evidently doesn’t care to be sure new construction takes them into consideration. Really?

Carolyn Cary
Fayetteville, Ga.