GOP head shows why district voting is needed


I would like to personally thank Scott Fabricius, chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party, for his letter to the editor last week. I could not have done a better job justifying why Fayette County needs district voting.

His statement regarding Leonard Presberg’s dutiful election, “Does anyone really believe that Fayette voters outside of District 5 would have elected an admitted non-Christian member of the Free Thought Society to our school board” is both shocking and disturbing.

After his appointment by the school board in late 2011, voters in District 5 elected — gasp — a Jewish man to serve on our school board.

Mr. Fabricius goes on to say that “the right to express myself at the ballot box was taken away, as it was for 80 percent of all Fayette County residents.” One is left to infer that had the other 80 percent of Fayette County voters been eligible to vote for that seat, such a travesty would never have occurred.

Religion, or lack thereof, has no place in determining who should serve on a school board and there is that pesky little document called the Constitution that supports this fact.

Mr. Fabricius is essentially saying that if Fayette County can retain its at-large voting, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and non-Jesus worshipers need not attempt to hold public office because they will not win. And let’s throw in all people of color just for good measure.

That is wrong Mr. Fabricius, just flat out wrong.
Jennifer Humbard
Peachtree City, Ga.