SouthCrest & NURA join for volunteer day


The city of Newnan Urban Redevelopment Authority (NURA) will partner with students and life group members from SouthCrest Church in a Volunteer Day on Saturday, Nov. 1.
The area of focus will be the Housing Authority’s Charlie Neal Homes complex located off Boone Drive.
Efforts will include yard work, landscaping, painting, trash collection and other activities designed to physically improve the area.
The NURA works closely with the Housing Authority of Newnan to make improvements within their redevelopment area.
Their mission is to further the city’s vision for addressing housing issues and opportunities identified in the Urban Redevelopment Plan. 
 “The quality and appearance of a community’s housing sets the tone for the community as a whole,” said Tracy Dunnavant, planning director for the city of Newnan.  “We are hoping that our efforts in the Boone Drive area will inspire others to make improvements within their own neighborhoods.”   
Through this experience, the students from SouthCrest will have an opportunity to learn the importance of community service while improving the quality of life for the Charlie Neal Home’s residents.
“Our church loves this community,” said Ian Dunaway, SouthCrest High School pastor. “Our goal is to reach its residents one relationship at a time. We are committed to living lives of gospel, grace, growth, and generosity.”   
Both organizations hope to collaborate on additional housing efforts in the future.