Pickleball in PTC


The Peachtree City Pickleball Club kicked off in Peachtree City Sunday, Oct. 12. Close to 100 friends and family members gathered at the tennis center to see what the game with the funny name was all about. 

Once thought to be only for the 50-plus crowd, children ages nine to 17 were out hitting whiffle-ball shots over the net, using either graphite or wooden paddles. Two of Peachtree City’s 20-somethings, Tyson Sandlin and Chris O’Brien, demonstrated the skills they learned at age 9. Sandlin’s father, Marty, built his own court 15 years ago so he could teach the neighborhood kids how to play.

Eight players from Griffin, the Sun City Peachtree team, held the clinic, demonstrating the techniques and rules of the game. The Griffin players taught for over two and a half hours. The Sun City players said they were impressed by participants’ enthusiasm, as well as the skill of Peachtree City participants out on the courts.

The players from Griffin hope to return in the future to help with more clinics. With the creation of Peachtree City’s Pickleball Club, the Sun City players now have someone to play against. Over the next few weeks, the tennis center’s director, Jonathan Fralick will be working with the club to coordinate play times and court logistics.

The game of pickleball began in 1965. The name is derived from the inventor’s dog, “Pickles,” who kept chasing the errant balls. It is one of the fastest growing games in the nation, according to the USA Pickleball Association.

Higher skill level tournaments are held all over the nation with as many as 500 players participating. For more information visit www.usapa.org. To learn more about the local pickleball club, email ptcpickleball@aol.com or call the pickleball ambassador Joel Kinsman at 770-487-0071.