Boy, 10, rescued from PTC pool bottom is now at home


A 10-year-old boy rescued from drowning at a Peachtree City birthday pool party Saturday has been released from the hospital, The Citizen has learned.

The child had sunk to the bottom of the pool before adults dove in, pulled him to the surface and began CPR while paramedics were summoned, according to Peachtree City fire officials.

Peachtree City EMS Chief Kevin Baggett said CPR, also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, was one of the key links in saving the boy’s life.

There was also a bit of good fortune involved, as paramedics were near the Highgreen Ridge home when the 911 call came in, Baggett said.

“We were actually right around the corner with a less than two minute response time,” Baggett said. “Our medic truck happened to be refueling at public works on McIntosh Trail.”

Paramedics treated the child and stabilized him for transport via air ambulance to Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta.

Police said the child could not swim and was left unattended for a few minutes. Police urge parents and caregivers to avoid leaving children unattended while swimming and for children to always swim with a buddy for safety.