Unused W. Bypass funds should be used to build bicycle lanes


Now that the Road to Nowhere is mostly complete, I have a suggestion for using some of the money that will be saved by not building the full length of this boondoggle.

The recent opening of the road section between Eastin and the traffic circle at Lees Mill Road has resulted in minimal traffic on the road, although that may increase when the section on to Ga. Highway 92 is completed.

My recommendation is to take some of the money that would have been spent on the other sections of the road that will now not be completed and use it to add a bicycle/pedestrian shoulder on each side of the entire length that is completed.

Since the road will not serve any purpose as intended to help traffic from Hwy. 85 south of Fayetteville get more directly to the pathway to Interstate 85 on Hwy 92 north of Fayetteville, this addition would add some value to a component of the Fayette County population that does not have many options in this part of the county.

Despite the clear instructions a few months back from our sheriff that pedestrians should always be on the shoulder of the roads whenever possible, running on road shoulders throughout north Fayette County is virtually impossible as the shoulders are mostly greatly sloped to take water away from the pavement and very uneven ground when not very sloped.

Running on most of the shoulders in this area is an invitation to a twisted or broken ankle.

I hope our commissioners will consider this option to make some lemonade out of the lemon that is this waste of our tax dollars.

David Sexton
Fayetteville, Ga.