Coworkers, friends help stroke victim, mother of 3


Holly Depweg has spent the majority of her 29 years living in Peachtree City and in the Fayetteville area. Currently a resident of Sharpsburg, Holly is now beginning to recover from a stroke she suffered on Nov. 14. That the mother of three very young children even survived the blood clot in her brain stem is nothing short of a miracle.

Holly on Nov. 14 went to Piedmont Newnan Hospital due to the significant pain she was having in her head and neck, said Holly’s mother Carrie. A physician at the hospital on examining Holly suspected that the 29-year-old had suffered a stroke and she was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center, Carrie explained.

The news led to Holly’s mom and dad, Dan Depweg, flying in from their home in California.

Carrie said the blood clot was initially treated with blood thinners which caused an artery to collapse. Holly subsequently underwent surgery and the neurosurgeon used a stint to remove the clot, Carrie said.

“Her neurosurgeon said she was the luckiest girl in America,” Carrie said. “It’s defying all the odds to have a clot in the rear of the brain stem and survive.”

Carrie said Holly’s neurosurgeon was the recipient of some unexpected information once Holly was out of surgery, fully conscious and able to begin communicating.

“The neurosurgeon told her that prior to the surgery he thought she was going to die,” Carrie said. “That’s when Holly told him her grandmother came to her and told her, ‘It’s not your time to go.’ Holly’s grandmother died a year and a half ago.”

But there is more to the story. Since the surgery Holly is communicating and getting better, Carrie said, adding that Holly’s right side had been paralyzed.

“Holly had surgery on Friday and she began walking on (the following) Wednesday,” said Carrie. “She will be going to the Shepherd Clinic for physical therapy.”

Carrie spoke in continued amazement, noting the odds that were defied by her daughter’s rapid progress after the life-threatening event.

“We feel like we’re seeing miracles,” Carrie said. “We feel blessed that she’s still with us. She wants to live for her three children, to be their mommy. She has incredible faith in God.”

Those children are ages 3, 5 and 9 months.

Carrie said she, her husband and Kenny Herron, Holly’s longtime boyfriend, partner and father of her children, are almost beyond words as they witness the response of those in the community. That outpouring, said Carrie, includes Holly’s employer, Adesa Atlanta Auction in Newnan.

“They closed the business one day last week and came to the hospital and filled three waiting rooms,” Carrie said of the visit by Holly’s coworkers.

With all the progress Holly is making, her family knows this young mother has plenty ahead of her.

“In a very difficult time we’ve been given so much love and support. The outpouring is incredible,” Carrie said in a voice filled with emotion.

A bank account has been established in Holly’s name to help defray expenses. Those interested in helping can make a donation at any Regions Bank to the Holly Depweg Charitable Fund.