PTC cops to get new software


The Peachtree City Police Department will be getting a new electronic records management system to replace its 15-year-old software.

The $265,000 deal with Spillman Technologies will allow city police to share information quickly with their counterparts at the Fayetteville police and Fayette County sheriff’s departments, Peachtree City Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark told the city council Thursday night.

The new system allows the officers to share data and intelligence seamlessly between agencies and also allows for communication between the dispatch center and city police units, the latter of which was not possible through another vendor.

In addition to saving $20,000 on the system compared to a price quote from a few years ago from Spillman, the city wil also be saving about $18,000 a year spent on maintenance for the current records system, Clark added.

“We really worked hard to get the best deal we could have,” Clark said, noting that with the hub license the city will not need to pay for any new units added in the future.

The maintenance agreement with Spillman, which won’t kick in until 2016, is at 8.6 percent “relatively low in the industry,” Clark added.

The project includes changing the interface in patrol cars that allows officers to conduct checks for wanted offenders, Clark said.

Because of the need to use the same system as the county and city law enforcement agencies, Peachtree City used a sole source contract instead of putting the matter through a bid process.

Councilman Eric Imker asked several detailed questions of Clark and then declared he was satisfied prior to council’s unanimous vote to fund the purchase, which was part of the city’s budget.