PTC plans to spend $1.6 million to fix Kedron dams


The Peachtree City Council is expected to vote Thursday to approve a $1.65 million bid to rehabilitate two city-owned dams in the Kedron area to prevent a failure that could endanger life or property downstream.

The low bidder who is recommended to get the contract is Brent Scarbrough and Company of Fayetteville. Two other companies came in with higher bids: Ronny D. Jones Enterprises at $1.8 million and Peed Brothers at $1.94 million.

The $1.65 million low bid is still over the $1.2 million the city had budgeted for the project, according to a staff memo circulated in advance of Thursday night’s council meeting.

Staff has identified ways to cut about $100,000 from the project cost, and the remaining increase was chalked up to the addition of a “coffer dam” to both projects that was not included in the original cost estimates, officials said.

The coffer dams are necessary to insure the safety of those downstream during the construction process, officials said.

The projects will be funded by the city’s stormwater utility, which is backed by twice-annual bills on all city properties with the bill amount based on the amount of impervious surface on each parcel.

The second set of bills for 2013 went out earlier this month.

The bid award will be discussed at Thursday’s council meeting which starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

Council is also slated to vote on a bid to connect fire station 83 to the city’s sewer system at a cost of $136,989. The low bidder was Crawford Grading, with the two higher bids being $198,630 from L-J Inc. and $279,975 by Site Engineering.