District voting vs. at-large voting: A lesson in logic


A response to Tim Parker’s July 17 letter to the editor regarding my July 10 letter. Quotes are direct from Mr. Parker’s original letter.

This all started with the brouhaha over challenges and changes demanded by the NAACP, its race activist minions and a federal judge.

I believe at-large voting in Fayette County better serves all citizens of this county than district voting. Apparently Mr. Parker and I are in agreement here. What happens at the federal level most citizens of this country have little control over.

Much like the Electoral College there are many federal election processes that could be improved or changed. Again, there is some agreement between us. But then …

“In the last election the Republican Party kept control of the House of Representatives. Curiously there were more votes cast for Democratic candidates throughout the country, yet there are 33 less Democrats than Republicans currently sitting in the House. Now how did that happen and is that representative of the will of the people?”

It’s starting to smell like an agenda around here …

“I detest the Republican fools in the House of Representatives, but I understand how they came to be where they are.”

I thought so.

“So don’t tell me we need district voting on a national level but those same precepts somehow don’t apply on a local level.”

I don’t believe I have … told you it’s okay for district voting at the federal level. That’s called putting words in my mouth and a notch down in your credibility, Mr. Parker.

You assume a lot about me …and all my fellow citizens of Fayette County. Maybe you even stereotype a little.

So let me get this straight. Help me here, Tim (I’m sure you will), ’cause I wanna make sure me, and everybody else, gets exactly where you’re comin’ from.

You believe an at-large voting system can better represent the population, both here in Fayette County and, potentially, at the federal level. You make a good argument for it at the federal level; it has some merit. You claim at-large voting is a “fair” system both at the federal and county level:

“Wouldn’t a more ‘fair’ and representative method of governance be at-large voting for Congressmen? Why is that any different from the debate we’re enduring right now in Fayette County?”

Yet because the federal government chooses to use a less “fair” district voting system, we here in Fayette County should adopt the district voting system like our federal government. What’s good for the goose kinda thing, yeah?

“So don’t tell me we need district voting on a national level but those same precepts somehow don’t apply on a local level.”

Have I got it? You would give up a system, by your own words and understanding, that is far better for one that is far worse simply because it is used by Washington. Right? Let’s think about that for a bit …

And hanging myself, Mr. Parker? I don’t think so. One “sound bite” taken out of context and seasoned with a little dash of “spin” means nothing. You know that. It’s a cheap shot and “goes to credibility, your honor.”

I mean, come on, you sound like one of those “fools in the House of Representatives” you so detest. On the other hand, I would question anyone’s judgment in selecting and supporting a form of governance that does a lesser job representing the will of the people simply because our federal government uses it. Yikes!

In the words of Yogi Berra “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

Oh, and by the way, I will not be sending $30 to the NAACP.

Mike Mahoney
Fayetteville, Ga.