Grateful for rescue by PTC Fire Dept.


Mayor, council and city manager of Peachtree City: We, the Swift family, really wish to take the time to express to you our heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the Peachtree City Fire Department (PCFD).

On the evening of March 13, 2013, Harvey Swift, 28 years old, found himself at home alone in Script Falls when he suffered severe super ventricular tachycardia, during which his heart rate exceeded 270 BPM.

As what he felt was a last resort, he called 911.

The operator was calm, clear and reassuring and talked Harvey through the necessary steps before the paramedics arrived, actions that would not have occurred naturally to Harvey in his condition, such as unlocking the front door and remaining on the telephone until help arrived, all those things that seem so obvious to us now. She was wonderful.

Paramedics from PCFD arrived within minutes and found Harvey collapsed in the driveway. During the journey to the hospital Harvey recalls the paramedics being friendly, encouraging and above all honest, all attributes one appreciates in any serious or life threatening situation.

The team used all their knowledge and resources available to ensure Harvey’s survival. Due to the quick thinking, experience, dedication and professionalism of Josh White, Jay Woodie, Blake Chisolm and Brian Glennie, we are pleased to say that Harvey is still with us today. These gentlemen are amazing and will always be in our hearts.

Subsequent visits to cardiac specialists have confirmed that owing to the PCFD’s speed and professionalism, Harvey has suffered no long-term damage.

During these difficult times it is all too easy for time to slip by and the moment to say thank you passes but we wanted to take the time to write. We know that the men and women of the PCFD considered these actions to be all in a day’s work, but to our family, and to this community, they are true heroes.

Their continued acts of bravery and selflessness keep our city and its residents safe.

Please accept this letter as a record of our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all at the Peachtree City Fire Department.

Gratefully and respectfully yours,

Harvey Swift, Dawn Swift (wife), Harvey Swift, Sr. (father), Jackie Swift (mother), Melissa Coleman (sister) and James Coleman (brother in law).

Peachtree City, Ga.