The Joint: Club Chiro


It’s time we just say it out loud: no one thinks to go to the doctor when they are feeling well. But once an injury or illness comes on we revert back to our six year old self, when we bargained with our parents for a pet promising to feed and water and pick up after it if they would just give into our one little request. Only as adults we’re found bargaining with ourselves or a higher power and it sounds more like, “If my hamstring/knee/shoulder could just stop hurting I promise I’ll stretch from now on before every run.” Or, “As soon as my back stops throbbing I will go to the chiropractor. I’ll even go once a week for preventative care, like the doctor told me I should. Just please, let it stop!”

We even convince ourselves that we would do things differently if we could just feel better now. As long as we’re telling the truth, we both know it’s not likely we’re going to keep any of those promises. We go back to the same old rush-in-and-out of our exercise routine or engage in sports we know push our bodies to the limits, throwing all caution (and those great promises we made) to the wind. Who has time to stretch before a run? Who goes to see a chiropractor when they aren’t hurting? Who needs to worry about injuries when they aren’t injured yet? You do.

You wouldn’t set out on a cross country drive without getting your car checked out, being sure your oil, tires and gas gauges are all in working order. So why then do you think your body is any different? Prepare it for all it does and it will simply be prepared to do everything better. Chiropractic has not only been shown to help those who sustain back or neck injury after a weekend warrior jaunt, but a tremendous number of professional athletes the likes of Tiger Woods and Joe Montana rely on chiropractic care before injury ever has a chance to set in. Attributing greater performance and increased mobility to regularly seeing a chiropractor, athletes know the score. But you don’t need the salary of a professional athlete to receive routine chiropractic care, because The Joint makes chiropractic affordable.

Whether you’re simply a weekend athlete or have made a larger commitment to fitness and sports, you want to perform and feel your best, and you’re always at risk for injury. While injuries can be minimized, they’re not entirely avoidable. They can cause scar tissue to build up, mobility and range of motion to become limited and place more stress on other parts of your body which begin to take on roles and functions they’re really not designed for. Rest and time are important factors to healing, just as seeing your chiropractor is also vital to proper recovery. But don’t wait for an injury. Subluxations— spinal misalignments which occur throughout our day, even to those of us who aren’t out there on the greens trying to live our lives under par, can cause the body to function less than ideally.

Remember the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Receiving chiropractic care on a routine basis can help prepare your body for activity and even help offset injury; because before you think you need to see your chiropractor, it’s very likely you already do. Visit The Joint location nearest you for a routine chiropractic visit today.

The Joint is located at 1219 N Peachtree Pkwy, Peachtree City, between Target and Ross (next to Massage Envy). Phone 678-216-3211 for more information.