F’ville Rite-Aid robber charged in ex-wife’s death


The man who robbed the Rite-Aid store on North Glynn Street in Fayetteville on Dec. 26 after presenting a note demanding a prescription drug is in the Cobb County Jail and charged in the death of his ex-wife.

Fayetteville Police Det. Mike Whitlow on Jan. 10 said local law enforcement was notified by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office that John Steven Kristofak, 58, of Marietta, is currently in the Cobb County Jail and has been charged with the death of his ex-wife.

Whitlow said Kristofak had been arrested by Cobb County investigators in Union City and had been found to be in possession of evidence linking him to the Rite-Aid robbery by intimidation.

The Dec. 26 robbery occurred after Kristofak presented a note to the pharmacy clerk demanding a quantity of Adderall. Kristofak was given a quantity of the drug and left the store driving a dark-colored pick-up truck.