Tyrone needs cart paths for growth


I recall listening to my dad tell me that changing and adapting with time will always keep me in the loop. After living most of my life in the city of Tyrone, I have observed the slow and steady changes that our small city has made. Today, our city is still underdeveloped.

Our bordering city, Peachtree City, has many shops and restaurants that people from Tyrone go to. Why?

Simply, because Tyrone does not have many shopping centers, popular clothing stores, or places to eat. Thus, Tyrone is in need of improving its city life.

Since Tyrone is a small city, it is understandable that many shopping centers cannot possibly be constructed. Golf cart paths should be made to link to the nearest consumer-based city, which in this case is Peachtree City.

Peachtree City has the most golf cart paths in the world. Linking these paths from Tyrone to Peachtree city will decrease automobile traffic by replacing some cars with golf carts.

Not only that, but also these paths will bring customers to and from Peachtree City and Tyrone. This means these paths will attract people in Peachtree City to come to Tyrone and vice versa.

As Peachtree City is a heavily populated area, pollution increases exponentially with the growing amount of automobiles that are on the road. And in order to get to the highway, citizens coming from Peachtree City cross into Tyrone.

This creates a situation where both cities could benefit from cleaner sources of transportation for travel between the two. A cleaner and safer environment can be achieved with golf cart paths as they travel using either purely electricity or more environmentally friendly mileage.

Many people in Tyrone already have golf carts, but in order to use them, traveling is done on public roads. These golf carts take up space and also cause traffic problems as they travel on unsuited paths. Creating paths would refrain golf carts from causing traffic problems and even hazards when cars are going at their speed and golf carts pass through.

More good can be done than harm by building golf cart paths. Sure these golf cart paths can cut off a little bit of peoples’ land and be costly, but safety and ease of transportation are not a bad effect.

The additional benefit of being less detrimental to the environment further vouches for their use. Ultimately, creating golf cart paths can make every breath of air we intake cleaner and make our town more glorious with new additions of shops.

Alykhan Kaba

Tyrone, Ga.