Recall? Wrong remedy for issues involving choices, not ethics


For the past four years, the superintendent and school board have put off the hard decisions that were needed to place the Fayette County Board of Education on a sound financial path.

In the 2010 elections, many Fayette County citizens decided to remedy the problems of the FCBOE by making changes on the school board. That year, Dr. Bob Todd won his seat with over 65 percent of the citizens’ votes and Dr. Sam Tolbert with 69 percent.

The 2012 election cycle has seen one additional board seat change with one more seat to be decided in November.

Now a group from one small area of the county wants to recall board members simply because they do not like what will be the make-up of the FCBOE that will take office in January.

This recall group has members sitting on the Superintendent’s Advisory, the Redistricting, and the Repurposing committees. They have a common cause to prevent their school from being closed and to change the board back to the status quo.

With no rainy day fund, the hard choices must be made. Not everyone will agree. If a citizen does not like the choices made by a majority of the school board, they have an opportunity to voice their opinions at board meetings and by making a change in 2014 using the ballot box.

A recall for a duly elected official should be reserved for one who has committed serious ethical and/or legal violations, NOT for suggestions or decisions that a minority disapproves.

Dana Camp

Peachtree City, Ga.