Another letter


Your response to the columns on our family’s move to Georgia in 1971 was so positive that I was thrilled to discover one more letter in the drawer, and I think it’s the best.

This one is from Alice to Dave’s parents in (probably) 1974 when she was about 11. In a way, it also offers a glimpse into a moment of Peachtree City’s history.

Dear Nana,

I think it’s about time I wrote you and wished you a Happy Easter. Being that it’s Easter day itself, it is about time, so I’ll write and say “I hope you had a Happy Easter.”

Our Easter was extremely uneventful, a break in the long line of tradition. See, every other Easter for as long as I can remember, we dyed eggs, hunted eggs, ate candy, ate candy, ate candy. This year we still dyed them (which is most of the fun anyway), but didn’t hunt them, nor did we get any candy.
This last is an oversight of Mom and Daddy’s, which I would just as soon see carried on, but hunting eggs has lost all of its excitement for me which is quite natural since I am getting rather old for it.

This year there was a community egg hunt and I went out with my favorite babysitting girls (“babysittees”) since their Mama had to stay home with baby David. (There is 4 girls and baby David and that makes quite a large family to sit for but I love ’em dearly.)

So, as I was saying, I went out with them to help them hunt and to hold collected eggs  and I enjoyed it as much as when I used to do it myself. (Boy, I sure do go on.)

Do you keep photo albums of when Daddy was younger (and of course, Gloria and Lynn)? Daddy bought a new projector the other day, a really nice one, and we were looking at us when we were pretty young. I’ve seen pictures of Daddy when he was younger (always so solemn looking!) but not very many. For that matter I don’t think I’ve seen any of you or Granddaddy when you were younger. Oh,well.

What I’ve been doing around here to keep me busy and out of trouble are 2 things: I. Play tennis, II. Act in a play. Playing tennis is not anything really serious yet, like Daddy, because I can’t find anyone my age terrible enough for me to play with, but I usually do go down to the wall-bounce [?] or the tennis courts every day just to get some practice – and exercise!

You should see how fat I’m getting from sitting around – nearly 185 pounds!! Disgusting. Maybe (to get back to tennis) if I get good enough I’ll be able to play with some of the kids around here.

The other thing, the play. Now, its not a real serious big Broadway production, but it is really cute in its own way. It’s a melodrama (you know, old West, railroad franchise, here who gets tied to the tracks, etc.) and to give you an idea of how it is, its called: (da dum!!)

“Trouble in Ripsnort OR Will the Harper Valley ever Ralley?”  I’m the good, sweet hero’s fiancé and to show you how silly it is, my name’s Prudence Hopewell, the good guy’s name is Truman Pendinnis (my fiancé), the bad guy’s name is Simon Darkway, and the saloon girl’s name is Dixie Dew Drop.

We worked real hard on it for about 2 months, and performed it before Easter vacation for the 7th and 8th grades at the Jr. High. I was really nervous at the beginning (stage fright) but the audience laughed at all the right places so I calmed down. We’ll do it after we get back (today is the last day of vacation) for the three elementary schools, the parents, and maybe the high school. I hope so, I want Mary to see it.

Oh, I just thought of something eventful! The Balloon Festival….

[Continued next week.]