PTC Council, say NO to WASA grab


Dear Mayor and Council Members:

I read with interest the article in The Citizen about the desire of the WASA board to become the final word in approving sewer service outside the city limits.

It is a bad idea!

As some of you know, I own a tract of land on Highway 54 slightly outside the city limits that could potentially benefit greatly from such a change: however, the change is not in the best interest of the citizens of Peachtree City.

The sewer system was paid for by the taxpayers of PTC, owned by the citizens of Peachtree City and the ultimate control of future expansion should be in the hands of elected officials who are accountable at the ballot box.

Permitting such a change, which will be an irreversible action, will trigger a lot of high density development across the Coweta County line that is not necessarily in the best interest of those who who will pay for the roads and infrastructure on this side of Line Creek.

I hope you won’t let this “Power Play” get beyond first base.

Scott Bradshaw

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Bradshaw is a former member of the Peachtree City Development Authority and an occasional Citizen columnist.]