PTC pulled together after fieldhouse fire


The fire at the Kedron Aquatic Center was an event the likes of which we have never seen in Peachtree City, at least not in the 21 years that I have had the pleasure of living here.

We have city employees who have dedicated years of their lives to the operation of that facility. Last week after the fire was discovered, they sprung into action, taking the necessary steps to get the programming and the facility up and running again.

All of the departments across the city need to be commended for their fast action and professionalism during a time of crisis.

Both the Police Department and Fire Department worked together and ultimately brought a suspect into custody within hours of the discovery of the fire. We are exceedingly fortunate to have city employees in every department that will continually go above and beyond for the betterment of the city.

The fire as well as the water damage was quite extensive. There will be new carpeting, paint and insulation as well as other repairs that will need to be made prior to the resumption of recreational activities.

Meanwhile, arrangements have been made with other organizations throughout the city to accommodate the programming that has been displaced during this time. It is wonderful to see churches and other organizations working to help the city during this time.

Through the city’s insurance carrier, a fire restoration SWAT team was sent into the facility; working day and night to get the building up and running again.

To watch this “disaster team” in action has been fascinating, and greatly uplifting to all of us who had assumed it would be months before the field house would be ready for business.

Through this incredibly senseless act, we have seen a city workforce committed to the community in which they serve.

We as citizens of Peachtree City can take great pride in the fact that we have these wonderful people working all around us. Thank you all.

Vanessa Fleisch, Post 4 council member

Peachtree City, Ga.