Unplugged starts at Maguire’s July 21


On Saturday July 21, Maguire’s Irish Pub will host Senoia Unplugged a new performance platform for singer/songwriters and musicians. Wendy Charles Maguire, owner of Maguire’s, explained “We are expecting it be a great night where you will hear many of the current crop of upcoming songwriters like Simone Simonton, Tim Maggart, Hope Cassity, Adam Hood, Destiny Brown, Skip Cochran and Abby Parks to name but a few.”

Founded by long time friends and songwriters Rebecca Walker-Jones and Greg Rogers “Senoia Unplugged”, which will occur on the third Saturday of every month, was inspired by the old MTV show Unplugged.

“There were all these fantastic songwriters you would normally see with full bands, but it was just them telling the stories behind their songs and singing them,” Walker-Jones said. “Really that’s where we got the idea for Opelika Unplugged.”

Walker-Jones, who is originally from the UK, knows a bit about songwriting venues in both England and the U.S. She used to run a venue for songwriters in London and she had a publishing contract in Nashville for ten years when she first moved.

“I played the Bluebird Café twice. I would like to turn Senoia Unplugged into the Bluebird Café of Georgia. Where perhaps record companies or artists would come to see what’s happening and what’s current.”

Senoia Unplugged Opens July 21st at Maguires, 42 Main St, Senoia. 7:30 -11 p.m. Admission is free. For further information please contact Rebecca at 334-787-1716.