CAVE person: Steele attacks fellow citizens


I read an interesting editorial in one of our local papers yesterday from a former elected official. He waited until only the second sentence to start calling names and attacking the citizens of this county.

That would be the citizens who offer an opinion that, I might add, is not his opinion.

I believe some of the descriptions were “sophomoric,” noxious group,” and “CAVE people.” Ouch!”

Well I guess I am one of those CAVE people. Yes, I cannot come out of my CAVE, otherwise called my home, because of the noxious fumes and dust created by the dump trucks traveling their route to the new road construction.

I can’t cut my grass, work in my flowers or even walk my dog because of the construction traffic. The trucks begin at 8 a.m. and continue all day. They travel the road in 3 to 5 minute increments and even pass one another on the road.

This would be a narrow gravel road with blind hills and curves. One where children can’t play and are put in danger when riding the school bus and meeting these trucks.

They are raping the land by cutting the trees and digging away the gentle hills and dumping the soil into a road bed. Do we really want more of this in Fayette County?

In regard to the T-SPLOST, I was born and raised in Atlanta and am well aware of the irreversible money pit the city can be. A couple of examples, “Marta will never cost you more than 50 cents to ride” and “the Hwy. 400 toll will only last until the road debt is paid.”

If we are not a donor county for the T-SPLOST and are to get a return dollar for dollar on our investment then what is in it for Atlanta?

If I wanted to live in Atlanta and pay their taxes and play their politics, I would still be there. That isn’t what I signed up for when I moved here.

So enough name-calling. Each citizen of Fayette County has a right to speak. Some have been negatively impacted by decisions of our elected officials. They have lost their homes, their serenity and their way of life. They are the ones speaking the loudest. Have a little compassion.

Oh, and I don’t recall hearing anyone speak in favor of this new road construction.

Sharon Cummings

Fayette County, Ga.