Controls needed on political ad spending


As a long-time reader, I would like to express a personal concern in hopes that it will reach enough people that, together, an effective way can be found to limit campaign funding as well as the duration of campaigning prior to any election. Signs are emerging daily.

There has been considerable commentary in the media lately about the billions of dollars donated to political campaigns. Few ordinary citizens, like myself, support the current policy that allows corporate entities, as well as wealthy individuals, to make enormous donations to their chosen candidate.

Much of this campaign money is spent on advertising that is generally ignored. For example, brochures and handouts usually go directly into the trash, yard signs and giant billboards are rarely heeded, phone messages (which are deliberate and intrusive) are deleted and TV ads can be quickly passed over with the click of a DVR.

Conversations within community groups suggest that the general public also considers these campaign activities to be a waste of our time and their money.

If corporations wish to donate finances, shouldn’t the amount of the contribution be limited? Surely, more productive endeavors could be financed with some of these funds.

In sports and work, there is a specific period of time allowed for training prior to the beginning of the game or job. Similar control should be extended to the arena of politics. If necessary, limit the amount of contributions and the allotted time for political campaigns by law, so that the public is no longer subjected to an ineffective, costly and never-ending barrage of politics.

I hope others will respond to you with their thoughts and ideas on this issue.

Margaret Counts

Brooks, Ga.