Rising Starr student hopes to be a rising star


Jessi Case, a rising seventh grader at Rising Starr Middle School, was cast in the film, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” nearly four years ago.

The film, shot in Jackson, Georgia, focuses on a family recuperating at a large house in the countryside after a fire in their home claimed their belongings and their only child, Sarah. Charlotte, played by Juliet Landau (“Ed Wood,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” tv) soon believes her daughter is in the countryside house. Case played the role of Charlotte’s daughter, Sarah. The film was released on DVD and Video on Demand in late April of this year.

Case recalls being a little frightened of the house where the film was shot.

“The stairs leading to the attic, where we filmed a lot of the scenes, were very narrow and it was very hot,” Case said. “They didn’t want me to go outside because my hair would poof up.”

Case spent a lot of time in the makeup chair during her time on set. It would take hours to curl her hair and one day she spent four hours getting a lot of latex makeup put on to look like burns.

Overall, Case was on set for four days and her shoot was full of adventures. In addition to getting to work with Landau, Veronica Cartwright, Aric Cushing and more, she also filmed scenes that involved lots of fog machines, bats and horses.

Case has been in several commercials, including one for Days Inn. She will spend several weeks in Los Angeles this summer auditioning for roles in more commercials, television programs and movies. Her brother, Tyler, is also an actor, appearing in 2010’s “Good Intentions,” which starred Luke Perry, Elaine Hendrix and Leann Rimes.

In addition to pursuing an acting career, Case has numerous other interests. She is a peer mediator at Rising Starr, plays soccer, participates in chorus and is looking forward to taking part in drama in eighth grade and high school.

While she hopes to continue acting, she is also interested in a number of careers including veterinarian, doctor, journalist, teacher and hairdresser. For now, the focus is on the upcoming trip to Los Angeles the possibility of landing another role and taking in a Cirque du Soleil show before coming back to start school in August.