Fayette Library honors Dr. Sams


The Reading Room, recently added onto the Fayette County Public Library, was the scene of the many patients, friends, and relatives honoring the venerable “Dr. Sambo,” otherwise known to the world as Dr. Ferrol Sams, Jr. of Fayetteville, medical doctor and author.

The room was officially named in his honor and he was in his usual crackling good spirits, for a man who will be 90 years old Sept. 26.

As becomes the occasion, several commissioners spoke. Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan commented that when he played football for Fayette County High School, one day Coach Charles Winslett told the boys to undress down to their skivvies and line up. “And here comes my first impression of Dr. Sams,” Horgan said.

Besides serving the community, along with his wife, Dr. Helen Sams, for over half a century with his medical skills, Sambo was also an elected Fayetteville city councilman for over 25 years.

Library Director Chris Snell introduced former County Commission Chairman Jack Smith. She said that he is the one that found the funds to add over 5,000 square feet for the recent library expansion.

Smith commented that Dr. Sams has given a perfect example for contributing to his community and has passed that along to his children, who in turn have given to our community.

At the end of the reception and book signing opportunity, Sambo delivered a very personal prayer. He stated that he had not given a public prayer since he was 10 years old and got his hind end paddled when he got home. It seems he named names in that prayer.

Because his prayer to those present at the naming of the new Reading Room in his honor was very personal, I’m not repeating any of it here. It just belongs between Sambo and those who were present.