PTC student plays his way to Carnegie Hall


Adrian Romoff, 7, of Peachtree City is a remarkable little boy and that might be an understatement. A fourth grade student at St. Paul Lutheran School in Peachtree City who takes fifth grade math, Romoff also speaks Russian and English and is an award-winning pianist.

He started playing piano when he was four years old, after picking up and playing the violin at 2 and a half years old. He comes by his love of music honestly as his mother, Olga, is a musician who aids in his instruction. By the time he was five years old, Romoff, who was living in Pittsburgh at the time, performed his first concert at church alongside the church organist.

In November of 2010 Romoff and his family moved to Peachtree City. He continued to compete in numerous music and talent competitions and started to pile up awards and top finishes. Last year, he placed second in the local Kiwanis Talent competition. In addition to playing in Sonata and Sonatina competitions in the area, Romoff recently took first prize in the American Protege International Music Talent Competiton in Carnegie Hall in New York City. He performed Beethoven’s Sonata Opus 49 No. 2.

“There were other children there from all over the world,” Romoff said. “Like Hong Kong, Germany, Taiwan, Italy, Korea and Singapore.”

Romoff was sick his first day in New York City and was worried he wouldn’t be better before the competition. He did feel much better the next day and was able to play before rows of friends and family who had come out for the show. In addition to playing at Carnegie Hall, Romoff got to visit Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the big Christmas tree and the Steinway Piano building.

Romoff, obviously, plays beautifully. He feels the music and agreed that the music was in his head. He has started composing his own work and gladly practices his craft each day.

“One of his teachers said she thinks the music is music he knew before,” his mother said. “The music is in him.”

Romoff is also a passionate student. He said that science is his favorite subject and he would like to be an inventor some day and states that Albert Einstein is one of his heroes.

Romoff is trying to make it on the television show “America’s Got Talent” as well as the NPR program From The Top, which is a program that features young people performing classical music.

“I got a fortune cookie that said ‘good things are in store over the next three months’,”Romoff recalled. “I won first prize in the competition at Carnegie Hall and hope to hear more good news soon.”