Best and worst of 2011


Another year ends Saturday and it is time to reflect on the best and worst events of 2011.
The best of 2011 are:
• Navy Seal Team 6 in the dramatic eradication of Osama Bin Laden.

• Democrats and Republicans worked together in the legislature to save the HOPE Scholarship Program in Georgia.

• The McIntosh High School girls soccer team winning the state championship.

• The exciting seven-game baseball World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

• The July 4 parade and fireworks display in Peachtree City.

• Passage of Representative Matt Ramsey’s bill on illegal immigration.

• Another 10-0 regular season record for the Sandy Creek High School football team.

• The series of televised debates between Republican presidential contenders.

• The announcement by Barney Frank that he will not seek another term in Congress.

• Justin Timberlake going to the Marine Corps birthday ball as Corporal Kelsey Desantis’ date. That was cool!

The worst of 2011 are:

• The astonishing Penn State University sex abuse scandal in one of the most widely respected athletic programs in the country.

• The earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 15,000, caused several nuclear accidents and resulted in more than $30 billion in damage to the infrastructure in Japan.

• The September collapse of the Atlanta Braves.

• The 1-9 record of the McIntosh High School football team.

• Kim Kardashian’s sham of a 72-day marriage to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries.

• The poor treatment received by Peachtree City Economic Developer Joey Grisham leading to his resignation after only four months on the job.

• The embarrassment brought to Peachtree City by a public censure of the mayor.

• The Occupy Wall Street movement and behavior of some of the protesters.

• LSU soundly beating my Bulldogs 42-10 in the SEC Championship game.

• And finally, as best said by “ragin’ Cajun” James Carville: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Have a happy and prosperous new year.

Enough said!

[Scott Bradshaw, a resident of Peachtree City, is a real estate broker and residential real estate developer. He may be contacted at]