The Foodie Awards


Welcome to an extremely unscientific, highly personal awards column that results in no real awards. That being said, as F.C. Foodie, I do sample lots of the local restaurants and I keep my ears open and hear the buzz from local citizens as well. The winners are all very deserving.


Best Breakfast Item – The Maple Bacon Donut at Lagniappe Deauxnuts in Fayetteville. It is my obsession. I love it. I honestly think of ways I can incorporate it into my life more. “Oh, we’re going to a Christmas party. Let’s bring some Maple Bacon Donuts instead of a bottle of wine.”

Best Breakfast – Broadway Diner – You want it, they’ve got it. Big pieces of french toast or plate-sized pancakes, bacon, sausage, home fries, eggs, toast, etc., anytime of day (when they are open, obviously).

Holiday Breakfast – J. Christopher’s – This tends to be a weekend breakfast destination but I love going around the holidays and digging in to the holiday-themed dishes. They deserved a mention.

Honorable mention – Mike & C’s – Supremely popular and super-consistent, a place that just screams Fayette County. It is a little far from my usual destinations, but I am always glad to go back there, tuck into a booth and sit down to a big breakfast.


Best deal – Frank’s at the Old Mill – Their business express menu (lunch in 15 minutes or it’s free) is available from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Saturday and features items like a Black Angus burger, salads, Black Angus meatloaf, Turkey Breast and more. I’ve had a lot of the items on the menu and they are all delicious. It’s a beautiful location too and great for a business lunch or a getaway from your desk.

Best Burger – Five Guys – How did I decide this? It wasn’t easy. I used graphs and charts, asked the Magic 8 Ball and did lots of hair pulling and pacing. Ultimately, I decided by asking myself if I could have any burger right now – not worrying about traffic, money in my wallet, etc., which would I want? I would want Five Guys. It is the right size, tastes great, comes loaded with what I want and doesn’t break the bank. I can eat it there if I want to or take it with me.

Best Pizza – Two awards here – National – Little Caesar’s, Local – Partners II.
Welcome back, Little Caesar’s. Bless your good prices and good quality. Upon coming back to Peachtree City, you quickly shot up the Foodie list as a place to go when we needed a lot of pizza and didn’t want to eat out.

As for Partners II, the standard pizza is good but the specialties, particularly, the Baked Potato and the Roadrunner, just can’t be topped. Until they are, long may you reign.

Honorable mention – Village Cafe – Now located across from Piedmont Fayette Hospital, the old favorite has a new look but a familiar menu with delectable dishes and great service.


Date Night – Sa Za – Located in downtown Newnan, this one is a bit of a drive from Fayette County but is so worth it. I dove into the menu with gusto and my mouth waters just thinking about all of the delicious Italian food I have enjoyed there. Pizza, pasta, meat dishes and a simple chopped salad that was the best salad I had in years. Resolve to visit Sa Za in the new year, I think you’ll love it.

New Favorite – Green Ginger – This one has a lot of buzz and deservedly so. The menu is filled with lots of different items, ranging from Chinese and Thai dishes to sushi, vegetable appetizers and wings. Sporting a beautiful and modern decor, as well as the much-talked about iPad menus, Green Ginger is winning over regulars left and right. You can either stick to the meals that you know and love or try something new every time you go in and have a hard time ever making it through the entire menu.


Stop by – The Olde Courthouse Tavern – Right in the heart of downtown Fayetteville and open for lunch, dinner and late night, the tavern is finding fans at all times of the day. I’ve been there for lunch, dinner and miscellaneous and love lots of things on the menu. I am giving them the award for snacks because their chili is fantastic and the nachos are terrific. If you haven’t been there yet, you’re missing out.

Coffee break – Fayetteville – One more shout out for Lagniappe – this time for their fresh beignets. I am strongly considering getting up right now and heading out for a cup of coffee and an order of fresh, hot beignets.

Peachtree City – Cupcakes – Something Delightful’s cupcakes, both the mini and the regular sized, are delicious. They have competition from the newly opened GiGi’s in The Avenue, but hold an edge in my opinion. They are the right size and right price and they taste great.

Dessert – TCBY – There are now 642 frozen yogurt places in Fayette County (I am fairly certain that’s an accurate number) but TCBY provides great flavors in a cool atmosphere. I loved the Gingerbread frozen yogurt with little gingerbread men from Something Delightful mixed in.