3 arrested in 2nd Walmart debit fraud attempt


Police have arrested three Nigerian residents for attempting to fraudulently withdraw large sums of money using prepaid debit cards at the Peachtree City Walmart.

This is the second time that such a scam has been detected at the Walmart in eight days. The suspects were arrested Oct. 28 after Walmart loss prevention officers determined the transaction was fraudulent, police said.

Arrested were:
• Abdoulaye Sy, charged with one count of financial transaction card fraud;
• Osazuwa Legemah for financial transaction card fraud (party to a crime); and
• Sekov Fade for financial transaction card fraud (party to a crime)

These three suspects, along with two more who were arrested Oct. 11 performing the same act also at the Peachtree City Walmart, all are facing deportation, police said.

Police credited the actions of a Walmart loss prevention officer for assisting in the case along with help from the U.S. Secret Service and the Duluth Police Department, police said.