Allen offers reason, reconciliation


I made a new friend today.

I met Mr. Steve Allen today after church. We talked for over an hour about his love of family in particular and his appreciation of and concern for all the things that make Peachtree City, Ga., the special place that we all cherish.

Mr. Allen is a gentleman by all contemporary standards. His interest in our city is the interest that any of us have for our home. He truly is concerned about the direction in which some would detract us from the original plan that is a proven success.

Another concern regards the dissension among those who have been elected to our City Council for the purpose of growing and preserving all things unique about the city we love.

While it would understandably be impossible for any group of folks to agree all the time, the current level of dissension, if continued, could adversely affect both future growth and certainly current harmony.

Thus Mr. Allen is positioned to offer a voice of reason, reconciliation, and a quest for harmony that would certainly enhance City Council productivity.

This is a man that with his family could be a close personal friends … in the real world.

Phillip McElroy

Peachtree City, Ga.