Sany adjusting to U.S. business practices


A recent article in the China Daily newspaper is shedding further light on how Sany America came to be in Peachtree City’s industrial park.

The company is an extension of Sany Heavy Equipment, headquartered in China. Sany America is its first foray into the U.S. market, with a large assembly building on its campus and future plans for a research and development office as well.

In an interview with China Daily, Sany America president Jack Tang noted that the company began exploring the United States some time after the company went public in 2003 on the Shanghai stock exchange. Part of the reasoning for coming to the U.S. was to capitalize on upgrading Sany’s technology and management level, while also gaining more traction in the international market, Tang said in the interview.

The reason Georgia was chosen for the site was due to its central location, low cost of business operation and convenient transportation, the article noted.

But not all was that easy, as Sany encountered some difficulty adding a dormitory facility, which required an “exhausting” procedure due to city regulations.

Such a matter would have been easier to handle in China, Tang indicated in the article.

“It really is a new thing for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas and we can hardly follow any model,” Tang was quoted as saying in the China Daily article. “It takes time for us to get to know the U.S. business practice.”

One of Tang’s early goals will be spreading the word about Sany as a brand. Part of that effort will involve attending large exhibitions, participating in government procurement bidding and also sponsoring charity events.

During the winter storms that crippled much of Atlanta, Sany also offered to loan Peachtree City some of its heavy equipment that could be used to clear ice from city streets.