Quick action helped save PTC home from fire


A North Cove subdivision resident is very thankful for the Peachtree City Fire Department’s work to save her home from burning to the ground shortly after 6:15 p.m.

Maureen Holloway’s home at 129 North Cove is believed to have been struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, fire officials said. That touched off a fire in the attic area that was spotted by a nearby homeowner, who called 911.

Fire crews were able to limit the damage to one area of the attic, but there was a significant amount of smoke and water damage to the home, according to Assistant Fire Marshal John Dunlap.

“Our guys got there and put a really good stop to it,” Dunlap said of the fire.

Maureen Holloway said she was impressed that they were up on the roof cutting holes in the attic to combat the fire. Dunlap said that procedure allowed access to the fire and also gave the smoke and heat a place to ventilate from the attic.

The fire was extinguished within 45 minutes, Dunlap said.

Holloway was very grateful for the firemens’ efforts, she said.

“They risked their lives to save this house,” Holloway said, especially thankful for “their bravery.”

The Holloways were on vacation when the fire occurred. A neighbor shared their cellphone number so fire crews could keep them updated, Dunlap said.

A total of 25 firefighters, including both career and volunteer members, worked the scene.

The good fortune, Dunlap said, was that a neighbor spotted it and called it in right away, and the response time was quick, within five minutes.

“If it had been any longer or if we had to delay, it would have run through the attic,” Dunlap said.

The fire department had to spend quite a bit of time after the fire removing debris and water from the house, he added.