Plans shown for 96-unit senior apartment complex in Kedron


The new senior apartment complex coming to the Kedron Village area now has a name: Hearthside at Peachtree City.

A conceptual plan for the 96-unit complex was unveiled at the June 13 meeting of the city’s planning commission. No vote was taken because it was included as a workshop item; a vote is possible as early as next month.

The plan has eliminated security gates from the site and includes electric charging stations for golf carts. Developer NorSouth will own and manage the property.
Proposed is a 122,000 square feet building that will be built at the end of Newgate Road, with a path connecting to an existing path that leads to the adjacent Kedron Village shopping center.

Because the 5.6 acre parcel completely envelops the end of the street, NorSouth is asking the city to swap the cul-de-sac right-of-way in exchange for twice the amount of land along Ga. Highway 74 as a buffer extension.

The property was rezoned earlier this year to settle two lawsuits filed by NorSouth. Accordingly, it was rezoned from limited use residential to general residential.

The previous limited use residential zoning was granted in 2007 for a development that never materialized: a 21-unit luxury townhome complex for seniors.

In contrast, Hearthside will be in the more affordable price range, as tax credits are used to defray construction costs. The rent for each one or two bedroom unit will be based on the person’s income, though some will be made available at full market price should they be desired.

Hearthside will feature a library, a community garden, a “family room” gathering area and other amenities. Also, it will be constructed to meet sustainability guidelines, which call for among other things the transplantation of trees that are removed from the site.

The sustainable construction will also help keep residents’ utility bills lower, said NorSouth Vice President Brendan Barr.